Maid in Manhattan

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Marisa is a Latino maid in a very upmarket New York hotel. She is an aspiring manager, working hard, and raising her young son alone. She meets a well-known politician, and he mistakes her for a guest instead of a maid. Her mistake was that she lived the fantasy instead of telling the truth. They fall in love, but Marisaa is doubtful that Chris will still love her when he finds out that she’s not a wealthy socialite after all.

As this is an early 21st Century rom com, it’s very ‘old school’ with an overheady sense of romance, only one male and female lead, and gentle comedy. It deals, as much as it can, with class issues. But unlike earlier ‘the prince will save me from my world and take me to his world’ type rom coms (you know which one I mean!), this film lets its female protagonist keep her own identity. He doesn’t save her, and she doesn’t need some-one to save her.

Not a bad start to the Century, Maid in Manhattan is a light romantic comedy that scores no real highs nor lows.


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