Good Luck Chuck

UnknownJessica Alba, Dane Cook

Charlie, or Chuck, is a successful, good looking dentist who has no trouble with ‘the ladies’. But he develops a reputation as a ‘lucky charm’ for women – after they sleep with him once, they find their true love and get married. So his services become very much in demand.

Chuck suspects it’s the fault of a hex that a jilted girl put on him when they were ten. However, he uses this ‘gift’ to his advantage and has as much meaningless sex as possible. That is, until he meets Cam and doesn’t want her to leave him. He needs to remove the hex – but maybe it’s not the fault of the hex that women aren’t taking him seriously, maybe it’s his attitude towards them.

This was the first rom com for Cook, we see him later in films like Dan in Real Life, and with Kate Hudson in My Best Friend’s Girl. The premise for this film was sound, and the acting sufficient, but I didn’t like it much. I think, in the end, it was just too damn crude. Only for a mature audience with an immature taste in humour.



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