All About Steve

Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper

Mary wants to be Steve’s girlfriend but they’re clearly not suited. Because she’s working through a few personal issues with her life, she doesn’t see that he is trying to shake her off. She follows him across the country, meets people along the way, and has some meaningful experiences with them, culminating in a meaningful experience with Steve himself. It doesn’t end with the usual smooch. If it did, it would be absurd because there is no way you can have Steve falling for Mary and make it work.

What a shame. I do love Sandra Bullock. I remember seeing The Net years ago and loving the fact that she wore the same outfit the entire film – she was just so natural, and her character was more important than her clothes. I also liked her in 28 Days when she plays an ancoholic going into rehab.

But this movie doesn’t work for her. Her character, Mary, is absurd – she’s a little mad, she’s smart and eccentric, and she’s a little too loud.  And so are her clothes. Her outfits don’t suit her and neither does her character. Some-one else should have had this role. Bradley Cooper as Steve is okay, but he’s overshadowed by the ridiculousness of Mary.

I wouldn’t bother watching this film twice.  In fact, not sure if you should bother watching it once.  If you find it on your kitchen table and there’s nothing else to do on a rainy Sunday, give it a shot, otherwise…


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