The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Butler plays an ex-cop-turned bounty hunter who is assigned to bring in his ex-wife who has skipped bail on an incidental charge.

Aniston, a journalist who is working on a story, is hot on a case involving drugs, murder, and dirty cops. They both get embroiled in the case, hating each other at first, but eventually having to work together.

I hated this movie the first time around. I was unduly influenced by my neighbour and friend, Cassi, who saw it first and didn’t like it. (She is not an Aniston fan, whereas I am.) I was ready for a cracker and this film is certainly no cracker.  But it is a bit better the second time around.

Of course it’s the usual ‘boy gets the girl’ type movie and ends happily with a big smooch. But there are a few adventures along the way to keep the viewer fairly well entertained.

Jen’s tan is far too much, and I really don’t like the tight black number she is wearing for a lot of the film. But aside from Jen criticisms, the film is light, has some action, some laughs, and some romance.


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