The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler

Another great Katherine Heigl flick.  This one’s not as good as Knocked Up, but it’s still worth a watch if you like to see Heigl on the screen (she has such great skin that she glows!).  Butler seems to be type-cast as a bit of blokey-bloke and, as is quite typical of American romantic comedies, the gender stereotypes are rife.

This time Heigl plays Abby, a morning show producer who is a bit too neurotic, a tad too controlling, and a little too particular to find a boyfriend.  Actually Heigl seems to be type-cast as well – she’s the efficient, together, yet slightly-neurotic, career-driven female.

Mike Chadway (Butler) joins her TV station with his segment “The Ugly Truth” – his take on men, women and relationships. He’s sexist and his character is probably just a little too much to bear in the beginning.  However, he mellows as the film goes along, and he becomes much more bearable, likeable, and appealing.

Mike and Abby strike a deal to enable them to be able to work together – Mike will help Abby get her Mr Perfect. If she succeeds, she has to be nice to him at work, and if she fails, he quits the show. Of course, no surprise, Abby and Mike fall in love instead and the ending is happy and smoochy. It’s not one of the Top Ten of rom coms, but it is a good movie if you like Katherine Heigl.


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