The Switch

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman

Jason, much like Jen, is one of my favourite actors.  I loved him in Hancock. He has matured so much since his eighties roles and developed a quirky, loveable, funny persona.

And this is exactly his character in The Switch, with a bit of neurosis thrown in. He plays Wally and is best friends with Kassie, played by Jen.  Kassie wants to have a baby and goes looking for a donor. As the name suggests, Wally switches the donor’s sperm with his own at the crucial time and nobody knows.

You’re not sure what will happen with the ‘boy meets girl’ scenario as there is a child and a sperm donor involved. So it’s kind of nice that this film is not as predictable as most romantic comedies.  But then again, it does end with a smooch, and the ol’ happy families.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t convinced that I could watch this movie again. But on second viewing, I did like it much better than the first time.  Worth keeping in the  back catalogue for a rainy day.


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