Hollywood Ending

Woody Allen, Tea Leoni, George Hamilton, Debra Messing

A New York film about making a New York film – very Woody Allen.  Allen plays Val, a has-been film director hired by his ex-wife and her fiance to do a film on New York.  He’s renowned for being difficult so everyone involved in the project is tense that he’ll lose the film company a lot of money.

Before he can start filming – BOOM – something does go wrong. I won’t tell you what, but bloody hell, it’s funny!

Nowadays, Woody’s films can be hit or miss. These days I can’t wait for him to script himself a leading lady who is closer to his own age. He did well putting Tea Leoni in this film, giving Scarlett Johansson a rest. Debra Messing as Val’s girlfriend is fantastic.

Woody Allen films are, of course, not your typical romantic comedies. But this one contains all the elements of an above average rom com. Still makes me laugh when I think of some of the scenes. This film is a ‘must see’.


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