Eagle vs Shark

Loren Horsley, Jemaine Clement

Jemaine plays Jarrod – a complete and utter loser. He meets Lily who is possibly the nicest person on the planet, aside from her big brother Damon. Jarrod is on a mission to take revenge on his high school nemesis.  He and Lily travel back to his home town so he can fight the guy who bullied him in front of his family and friends.

Lily doesn’t quite fit the ‘normal mould’ and people tend to treat her quite badly – she’s a little unusual, quite naive. But without saying very much she manages to have a profound affect on Jarrod and his broken family. She doesn’t mind that Jarrod is a loser, she seems to know that underneath all the bullshit he’s a nice guy too. And she’s on a mission herself – to find love.

This movie isn’t like the US rom coms, for starters it’s a New Zealand production.  Jemaine is the guy from Flight of the Concords so the comedy is subtle and clever. See him again in Dinner for Schmucks in a vastly different role.

This is such a lovely movie. Lily gets her romance in the end and deserves it, and all is good in the world of romantic comedies.


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