The Proposal

Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Malin Akerman

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a NY book editor who’s incredibly scary to her staff. She is totally committed to her job, and has no family or lovelife.

Because she is a Canadian citizen, she needs to marry her Executive Assistant, Andrew (played by Ryan Reynolds), in order to remain employed and living in the United States. So they fake a relationship for the sake of the immigration authorities and Margaret’s employers.

They also have to lie to Andrew’s family when they fly out to Alaska for a visit. When his family, the distinguished Paxtons, insist on them getting married there and then, Margaret’s plan starts to unravel. She has started to enjoy having a family, and also starts to have feelings for Andrew. Her icy demeanor begins to thaw.

As far as predictable movies go, this one is somewhere up the top of the list. No clean-cut, popular American film would risk a plot line involving illegal immigration issues, so you kind of know where things are heading.

But it’s not too bad, Bullock does a good job and despite her hard-assed personality, she is a likable character. Classic rom com.


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