Ella Enchanted

Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy

I bought this movie for my kids to watch. But it’s okay as a family flick as well – we all enjoy it. And it has quite a good soundtrack.

Hathaway is Ella, bewitched from birth to be obedient. As an adult, she seeks to find the fairy who gave her the ‘gift’ and have it revoked – being obedient can certainly have its drawbacks. She embarks on a journey and meets a handsome prince along the way.

But the film also looks at issues of power and class – shown through the injustices and prejudices against the ogres, giants, and elves. The prince’s evil Uncle is the maker of the injustices and seeks to take the crown from the prince who is the future king. So Ella’s journey is also a journey to help the prince, help her forest friends (and find love of course).

The kids get a sense of what is right and what is wrong. The world is made up of a lot of different people, all of whom have their own hopes and desires. And the handsome prince doesn’t save the princess – she can kick ass in her own right and my girls love that!


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