Leap Year

Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott

Amy Adams plays Anna, a slightly uptight young woman who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend, Jeremy, who is there on business. She has been inspired by an Irish tradition that says a woman can propose to a man on February 29th in a Leap Year.

Anna’s plans go awry because of bad weather and she ends up at the other end of the country to Jeremy. She has to enlist the help of a local innkeeper to get her to Dublin in time. Her and Declan (Goode) embark on quite a painful journey together, but by the time they arrive in Dublin, they have fallen in love. What will Anna do?

Adams plays a woman who’s in need of saving and that’s not always an endearing character for me. But at least she plays it well and there’s a smitten of humour attached.¬†This is not an outstanding movie, but it’s pretty enjoyable – predictable – but enjoyable.


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