Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni, Paz Vega

John Clasky is a top LA chef. His wife, Deb, is taking a break from her career and is trying out the role of stay-at-home mum to their two kids and her own mother. Deb employs a Mexican housekeeper to help out (in true upper-middle class LA-style). The housekeeper, Flor, speaks very little English and has to learn how to communicate in her new world.

Deb is suffering from an identity crisis and is overconsumed in neuroses. She buggers up the relationship with the housekeeper, Flor, by taking control of her daughter. Flor is threatened by the relationships her daughter makes, ones that don’t involve her in a world that is very foreign. This film is about relationships, between the kids and their parents, and particularly mothers and daughters.

Adam Sandler as John is lovely. He isn’t the comedian this time round, he’s a caring dad and a struggling husband.  He’s also struggling with his career, trying to get the balance right. I like films that involve food, and with John being a chef, we see a little bit of cooking and eating.

I’m not sure why, possibly because of the performances from Sandler and Leoni, but I quite like this film. It’s not a great movie by any means, but it has a lot of heart.


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