Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher

Heigl plays Jen, a newly single young woman going on holidays to Nice with her parents.  In Nice she meets Spencer (Kutcher) who is, unbeknown to her, an assassin. On meeting Heigl, falling in love, and marrying her (oh yes it happens ever so quickly in the movies!)  he gets out of the business to seek a normal life in the suburbs. They manage ‘normal’ for three years but then Spencer is unwittingly dragged back into the killing scene, which is when Jen finds out about his past.

The shorts for this movie had me very excited and I couldn’t wait for the DVD to come.  But it didn’t make it into the ‘top flicks’ recommendations. In fact, it gets a bit boring in the middle with lots of shooting and car chasing and crashing.  And that’s because it’s technically not a romantic comedy – it’s an action comedy, rather in the vein of  Mr and Mrs Smith. So it’s my own fault – expectations just a little too high.

However, as Heigl is probably my top 21st century romantic comedy actor (she can really do no wrong) it’s still an enjoyable flick and a good one for the couch on Saturday night.


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