In Her Shoes

Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Shirley Maclaine

Collette and Diaz play two sisters – Rose and Maggie. Rose is the successful one – mature, owns her own place, works as a lawyer, but is ultimately unhappy with a cupboard full of shoes she doesn’t wear and a truck load of self-esteem issues. Maggie is sexy, immature, irresponsible, (would love Rose’s cupboard full of shoes) and is unfulfilled. After a fight involving Rose’s boyfriend, Maggie, with nowhere else to go, decides to look up the grandmother she never knew they had and goes to live with her (Maclaine). The split between the sisters leaves them with a void, but it also enables them to start dealing with their own personal issues.

This is a terrific film with great performances from Diaz, Collette (of course, she can do no wrong) and Maclaine. They are quite typical roles for Diaz and for Maclaine, and they fit the characters perfectly. Not everyone finds romance in the end, but it is definitely a happy ending with lots of feeling good moments. One for the rom com collection.


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