The Family Stone

Rachel McAdams, Sarah Jessica Parker, Caire Danes, Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney, Luke Wilson

The very tightly-knit and overtly liberal Stone family gets together every Christmas. This year, the eldest son, Everett, brings home his extremely uptight and conservative girlfriend, Meredith (SJP). She never really stood a chance. Feeling like a fish out of water with the extended family, she asks her sister to join her for moral support (Danes). The two sisters try to fit in to the holiday activities, but there are all sorts of underlying currents at play. There are emotional upheavals all over the place, and Everett’s plans to ask Meredith to marry him go completely awry.

I very much like this film because it doesn’t try and do too much. There was probably just a couple of characters too many to get to grips with, but on the whole, you knew what was going on. I also like the way Keaton holds court and everyone revolves around her as the centre of the family – the matriarch. It was teary, but there was also a very romantic ending.


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