Four Christmases

Reece Witherspoon, Vince Vaughan

The young, fun loving Brad and Kate, seem to be the perfect couple. They do everything together and are completely in sync with what each other wants. Until…their plane is fogged in and they can’t escape for the Christmas holidays like they do every year. This year they are forced to spend Christmas with their seemingly crazy families – four separate Christmases.

Christmases one to three involve physical injury, fire, vomiting babies, pregnancy scares, and impromptu stage plays. By Christmas number four, Brad and Kate are reassessing their relationship – how well do they really know each other, and do they really know what each other wants? Are they still in sync?

The role of Brad is a fairly typical character type for Vaughan. He’s loveable, but self-centred (a little bit like in The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston). Witherspoon is splendid as the perfectly groomed Kate. I think the two of them work well together (although others disagree about this role for Witherspoon, I think she can pull off a rom com adequately). The dialogue is snappy, the script flows at a good pace, and there’s a few funny moments. The film is criticised for its southern USA stereotypes. It’s also criticised for its lack of Christmas spirit. Come on, lighten up, not all Christmas films have to be about joy! It is easy to watch and not a total disgrace to the genre.




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