Kirsten Dunst, Paul Bettany, Sam Neill

Ranked 119th in the world, 32 year old Peter Colt is past his tennis prime and he knows it. He’s the underdog, playing his last matches before retiring from professional tennis. He meets US number one hopeful, Lizzie Bradbury, at the tournament. He’s a lovely mild mannered English man, she’s a hot tempered, young hot shot with an overprotective father/coach. They don’t seem like a good match, and Lizzie’s father is concerned that a relationship will distract her from winning. He may be a distraction to her, but she’s actually beneficial to Peter’s form. He surprises everyone, including himself, when he keeps winning matches. But will it be enough to win Wimbledon? And can their relationship exist outside of professional tennis?

Although this film is largely about tennis, it’s also about love and about families. The final scenes are very tense, so very tense, but the ending is romantic, so very romantic. It’s a solid little flick that moves along at quite a good pace. Lizzie and Peter are a very cute couple, and Paul Bettany is devine as the modest and humble tennis pro. He’s a stranger to rom coms, but fits in very well with Dunst.




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