Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart

James (Eisenberg) meets Emily (Stewart) when he takes a summer job at the local amusement park in his home town. He is supposed to be travelling around Europe now that he’s graduated from college, but a shortage of money means he has to take this shitty job. Meeting Emily eases the pain. He’s a cute little virgin and she is not. Perfect potential couple if they can manage to get it together.

Kristen Stewart didn’t smile once in all those vampire movies she was in.  And you know what, she’s not smiling in this movie much either!  Can her mouth go up?

Nevertheless, set in the eighties with a fantastic soundtrack, this is a great little movie (should be good for the younger crowd) that is not hard to watch. Eisenberg is as cute in this flick as he was in Zombieland. And the nice little nerdy guy gets the girl in the end. The moral is that the young, modern woman wants an honest guy who they can trust, communicate with, and who openly shows their vulnerability (perhaps an ode to John Hughes’ films).

Supporting roles played superbly by Kristen Wiig (Knocked Up, Date Night, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bridesmaids) and Bill Hader (Forgetting Sarah Marshall).


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