Life as we know it

Katherine Heigl, Josh Dushamel

Heigl plays Holly – a driven, organised, and clear-thinking caterer and businesswoman. She admits to being a bit of a control freak during the film, and this is a very common role for Heigl to play (see Knocked Up and The Ugly Truth in particular).  She meets Eric, known as Messer, (Dushamel) when their best friends set them up on a blind date. They don’t like each other and the date is a disaster before it even gets off the ground. (We do see this theme pop up in a lot of rom coms eg What Happens in Vegas and The Ugly Truth.)

Holly and Messer continue to see each other regularly, following the lives of their friends through marriage, childbirth, and birthday parties. They continue to dislike each other. When the friends are killed in an accident, they are thrust together to care for the child Sophie. And this is where they take the journey towards love and romance.

There is one sad part in the movie where you might shed a few tears. But then you get back to the two characters falling for each other, as they work out how to be parents.

It’s an okay movie, just okay, not great, but not bad either. It’s funny to see those familiar ‘bit part’ actors springing up (the woman from The Back-Up Plan who runs the single mums’ group plays a mum in this movie too, this time in the suburbs and not single – she’s great!). It’s not a ‘Top Flick’, but if you are a Heigl fan as I am, you do have to see it. Both Josh Dushamel and Josh Lucas are mega gorgeous.  Holly, much like Abby in The Ugly Truth, manages to help the Alpha Male lose the bullshit and turn back into the nice guy he once was – a familiar and characteristic theme in the 21st Century rom com.


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