Surviving Georgia

Pia Miranda, Holly Valance, Spencer McLaren, Caroline O’Connor, Shane Jacobson

Heidi and Rose (Miranda and Valance) are sisters who are begrudgingly reunited with their estranged mother who abandoned them 12 years ago. The journey towards reconciliation involves all of them looking into themselves and figuring out how to forgive, and how to move forward. During the journey, both sisters and their mother negotiate through and around their romantic relationships.

Yes, it is light-hearted, but it isn’t light-weight. Both Miranda and Valance are delightful to watch and the story moves effortlessly along a clear plot line, allowing us to leave the cinema feeling good.  I think the film would have even been better on the second time round, although I didn’t get this opportunity. Fantastic effort at making a beautiful, light-hearted Australian romantic comedy.


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