When in Rome

Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel

Art Curator, Beth, is too busy working to have a successful relationship. When her sister, Joan, announces her whirlwind wedding in Rome, Beth has to schedule in a quick trip to Italy. The last thing she expected was to meet anyone special, but she connects with the best man, Nick. When she mistakenly thinks he has a girlfriend, she drunkenly steals four coins from the fountain of love outside the church.

This ensures that when she returns to New York, Beth is relentlessly pursued by the four men who had thrown the coins in the fountain looking for love. Confusion arises over whether Nick, who is keen to go out with her, is one of the four coin throwers. Is his love real, or is he under the fountain’s spell?

Bell and Duhamel are both well seasoned rom com actors and are fairly likeable. But the film is pretty stupid really and not much of a stand out in the list of romantic comedies. It’s inoffensive and light and I suppose is trying to tell us that career women can find love. Kind of annoying, but watchable.


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