Love and Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake plays Jamie, who starts out the movie as our bad boy. He’s a charmer, and goes through women like they’re take-away dinners, always careful to avoid a meaningful relationship. At one point his brother says “You hate women. Why else would you screw so many of them”.

When Jake lands a new job as a drug rep for a major pharmaceutical company, he meets Maggie (Hathaway). Maggie is the bad girl to his bad boy, wanting uncomplicated sex and avoiding anything coming close to a relationship. They are holding on to a lot of hurt, and dealing with their own personal baggage to do with identity and self worth. They both learn to love more deeply than they have ever before.

The film is a little raunchy so I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your mum. Most of the sex scenes are quite tastefully and realistically shot, but there is one very tacky scene involving a whole host of extremely beautiful, semi-naked women at a pajama party/orgy. It was at this point that I exclaimed “oh come on, as if!” – male fantasy in full flight…

Apart from this, the film has some very moving scenes involving Maggie’s struggle and acceptance of early-onset Parkinson’s Disease. Right when she finds peace with the disease, Jake struggles with his role in her life.

This is quite a good film which offers up a few typical stereotypes of men and women, but also some role reversals (albeit obvious ones). It has a fairly good story line, deals with some important issues, uses solid actors, and sports a moving ending.


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