Wedding Crashers

Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher

John and Jeremy are best friends who crash weddings to pick up chicks. They are nice guys really, but the womanising brings out the most despicable side to their characters. Their lying rulebook comes undone when they meet the two women they actually do want to be in a relationship with.

They both reach a point when they want to reassess their lives, but it comes at different times for each of them, thus putting a huge strain on their friendship.

This is classic rom com with the ‘bad boy’ character, but this time there are two of them. There is a love interest for each of them, the love interest has the ability to change the the bad boy and make him good. Classic motif of this time.

This is a funny movie, albeit a bit hard to stomach in places. I love Isla Fisher, she and Vince Vaughn carry the film. When you see it come on TV, definitely give it a look.


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