Two Weeks Notice

Hugh Grant, Sandra Bullock

Two Weeks Notice is another rom com that I forgot that I’ve seen years ago. Lucy (played by Bullock) is a legal aid attorney and social justice activist. She lands a job with a billionaire tycoon (Grant) and influences him to use his money for good instead of evil. He is very much taken with her discipline and intelligence and a romance between the unlikely couple follows.

Lucy is smart, dedicated to her work, and unable to keep a guy. She has a slightly ‘nutty’ edge. So we can see that the workaholic, nutty female protagonist was a character in the classic rom com as far back as at least 2002. I think we’re starting to see a slight move away from this character (perhaps archetypal figure) from time to time, but she is generally still the most common female protagonist in the 21st Century rom com.

Two Weeks Notice sports a very Hugh Grant-esque ending, with that Hugh Grant-esque speech you gotta love. It’s quite a good flick for romance, but doesn’t have the clever humour that has developed in rom coms over the last few years. Still quite a good movie though and you’ll probably see it come up on TV now and again, so give it a try.


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