Larry Crowne

Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks

Larry Crowne (Hanks) loses his job during the global financial crisis in the States, and can’t pay his mortgage.  In middle-age, he is jobless, wifeless and childless, but rather than become despondent, he looks to reinvent himself. He takes himself off to college to upskill, and there he meets two women. One takes him in hand and teaches him all about being cool (she is not the love interest, more like the daughter he never had). The other (Roberts) is desperately needing to make some radical changes in her own life.  She, of course, is the love interest.

The love story here is more mature than the average rom com portrays.  Both Roberts and Hanks play characters who transform – it’s a story of their move to a better place in their lives. It’s refreshing to have a character take a negative thing and turn it into a positive, Larry always looks outwards and onwards!

Larry Crowne is a transformation story and a ‘feel good’ film. It’s not a ‘cracker’ of a movie, but it’s not bad either. Probably not for the young ones, but the more mature amongst us.


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