The Dilemma

Jennifer Connelly, Wynona Ryder, Vince Vaughn, Kevin James

Ronny (Vaughn) and Nick (James) are best friends and business partners. When Ronny sees Nick’s wife, Geneva, (Ryder) with another man, he is in turmoil over breaking the news to him. They are best friends, but they are also in the middle of a crucial business deal and Nick is under a lot of stress. So rather than tell Nick, he confronts Geneva, follows her, becomes an amateur sleuth, and makes things a whole lot worse for everyone.

It looked like a great film in the trailer…but ended up short of the mark. There doesn’t seem to be much comedy and I definitely didn’t laugh. The acting seems fine (although I don’t know about Wynona Ryder in a rom com) but the script seems to be falling between genres – too dramatic for comedy, too light for drama.  The women seem to be superflous to the plot – even though it was about a cheating wife, it was more about the relationship between the two men. So I have classified this film as a bromance. Disappointing – only watch if nothing else to do.


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