What Women Want

Osric Chau, Daming Chen, Li Gong

This is a remake of the Hollywood rom com of the same name starring Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson in 2000.  The original title was I Know a Woman’s Heart.  Zi Gang is a chauvinistic advertising executive whose ex-wife remarries and who is struggling with his relationship with his teenage daughter. To top it all off, a young woman from a rival firm is given the promotion he was expecting.

He has an accident and receives the power to hear what women are thinking. He uses this power to try and defeat his new rival (Y-Long) but they end up falling in love.

This film encompasses two very strong 21st Century rom com themes – transformation (normal body to body with superhuman powers) and the bad boy who becomes the good boy.

The pace of this movie was good for a while, but then it slowed down and dragged its feet. It was a quirky film, filled with the most beautiful women you have ever seen in one movie together.



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