Beautiful Lies

Audrey Tautou, Nathalie Baye, Sami Bouajila

Set in a small French town, Emilie is a hairdresser and business owner. She is admired from afar by her shy handyman, Jean. He sends Emilie an anonymous and extremely passionate love letter. In an attempt to cheer up her depressed mother, Maddy, Emilie sends it on to her. As with all little lies in rom coms, they get bigger and bigger until they explode. In this case, all over Emilie, Maddy, and Jean.

This film got quite harsh reviews, with many people commenting on the disparaging roles of the two main female protagonists. But I don’t think the film probed deeply enough into the characters to make you dislike them, or make you think they are a cheap portrayal of women. They are simply mother and daughter in a tricky situation of their own making. Even if Audrey Tautou is nasty, how can you dislike her?

The film contained the key elements of a rom com – the love interest, the lie gone wrong, the quick humour, and the romantic ending. I thought it’s a gorgeous little flick, and even though it isn’t up to scratch for French film aficionados. It’s better than a lot of American rom coms I’ve seen lately!


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