Every Jack has a Jill

Melanie Laurent, Justin Bartha

When Jack is dumped by his girlfriend, he uncharacteristically decides to go to Paris on a holiday he won. He loses his suitcase and spends most of the trip alone in his hotel room.  Chloe is a lonely Parisian who spends most of her time in her flat watching DVDs. She accidentally ends up with Jack’s suitcase when she returns from a business trip.The suitcase and its contents intrigue her and she decides she is in love with the owner, making a date to meet him. They seem perfect for each other. But will Jack really turn out to be the man of her dreams?

This is another light, French romantic comedy with all the necessary rom com features. It is called Jusqu’a Toi (Until You) and I’m not sure why they changed the title or why no-one told them that “Every Jack has a Jill” is a bit clunky. Some of the supporting characters are under-explored, and therefore, they don’t fit into the film smoothly enough. If it wasn’t for Laurent, there wouldn’t be much to this flick – she is effortlessly gorgeous and sufficiently disturbed to make you love her. But there was nearly not enough for her to work with. It just scrapes over the line.


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