Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, Al Pacino

Jack Sadelstein (Sandler) has a twin sister who he thinks is the opposite to him. He is a successful advertising executive with a wife, kids and big house. Jill comes from the Bronx, used to look after their parents, and is a little unusual. Jack finds it very difficult to get along with his twin. Jill makes regular Thanksgiving visits to Jack and his family each year. This year she extends her stay because their parents are both dead and she is lonely. This exceedingly exacerbates Jack who finds his sister extremely needy. So he tries to find her a boyfriend. This is all happening at the same time as he needs her to help him get an advertising deal with Al Pacino. Hmmm.

Both the characters of Jack and Jill are played by Adam Sandler. So weird! The story is terrible. As with so many romantic comedies these days, it just rushes through the scenes, not taking enough time to explore characters or plot lines. I don’t know why Katie Holmes was even there, she was pretty much a bit part. It was the same as their kids – they had quirky personalities and eccentricities that didn’t get explored fully, so they probably shouldn’t have been mentioned in the first place.

Jill has two romantic interests – one is Al Pacino (playing himself) and the other is Jack’s gardener. The Pacino relationship is given enough time in the script to develop, so makes a bit of sense. But the other one is just chucked in there somewhere, adding more ridiculousness to the film than it needs.

Despite how bad the film was, and how much I told myself not to laugh because it wasn’t funny – I did laugh, quite a bit. I guess it was so stupid it was funny!

Watch it on TV if you like Adam Sandler, don’t expect too much, and you’ll probably find it lightly laughable.


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