Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Jay Baruchel

Set in high school, Nick is dumped by his girlfriend, Tris. Heartbroken, he continues to make her mixed CDs. She throws them out and her classmate, Norah, fishes them out of the bin. She loves Nick’s taste in music, even if Tris doesn’t appreciate it. When Nick and Norah finally meet, they connect, but Nick’s head is still full of Tris and winning her back. His band mates decide to help him see that Norah is a better match for him than Tris ever was. They spend all night on the town together looking for a band and a drunken, lost friend, forming relationships along the way.

There is definitely hints of Juno in this flick. Cera plays his usual geeky but loveable character that we’ve seen him do successfully quite a few times (not sure how many years he has left doing this). Denning’s character, Norah, doesn’t have enough depth, but as the movie is light and fun, it gets away with it. The pair make a cute couple and there are no surprises with the ending. There is a great soundtrack, and the script rolls along quite nicely with quick and quirky dialogue. Although I enjoyed this flick, it’s certainly no stand out, and I reckon it’s a movie for those under 30. There comes a point when a parent doesn’t really want to see high school kids having sex!


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