One for the Money

Katherine Heigl, Jason O’Mara

Heigl plays Stephanie Plum from Trenton, Jersey. In desperation for quick cash, she goes to work for her cousin Vinnie at his bail bonds business. She takes up her bounty hunter role with relish, but is even more inspired when she goes after the guy who she lost her virginity to in high school, Joe Morelli. Morelli is a cop who jumped bail for a shooting. Plum hotly pursues her FTA (failure to appear) for the $50,000 reward. But eventually she realises Morelli is innocent and works with him to help clear his name. Her involvement in the case starts getting people killed, and when she fears for her own safety, she calls in bounty hunter extraordinaire, Ranger (the Donatello of all bounty hunters) to help her.

Heigl is completely at home with her Jersey accent, as she is with a little action in her rom coms. There are a range of relationships that are beautifully explored in this film: the family who she sees regularly for dinner and who are trying to find her a new husband; two hookers acting as her informants; her high school friend who is the local cop; Ranger as he helps her become a bounty hunter; and with Morelli who becomes the love interest. My only criticism of this film is that Stef has a best friend she regularly calls in the beginning of the film, but she’s forgotten later on – should have been left out altogether.

This movie is a cracker! Heigl obviously likes this type of film (see Killers) and is totally at her best. The two street prostitutes are hilarious, and the Stephanie Plum narrative throughout is witty and charming. There is a bit of tension and excitement, peppered with potential romance. I’m glad to see that Heigl is yet to disappoint me.


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