A Little Bit of Heaven

Kate Hudson, Gael Garcia Bernal, Lucy Punch

Hudson plays Marley, a fast-paced advertising executive who uses humour to avoid anything serious. When she’s feeling unwell, she goes to the doctor thinking she’s stressed from work. It turns out she has cancer. She gets three wishes from ‘god’ – two come true, but what is the third? Could it be love?

Good performance from Hudson; Garcia Bernal seems to be a new actor to rom coms; and I love Lucy Punch as a goody instead of a baddy.

However, this wasn’t a romantic comedy. It was a romance drama. There’s a big difference and that difference is that you cry instead of laugh – all the way through the film! Too sad, much too sad for me – quick, hand me a new rom com! Or an old one, any old rom com will do!


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