What to Expect When You’re Expecting

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A range of young women and their men have a story to tell about getting pregnant. The men are terrified and one of the new and upcoming dads joins a father’s group. The women have a whole range of feelings and attitudes towards their pregnancies which is what the film is exploring.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film. But for some reason I didn’t really like it. Of course it’s based on the best selling book of the same name that every western woman reads when she’s pregnant. But I simply didn’t laugh. My partner did, but I hardly raised a smirk.

This is a hard genre to make work now – it’s the type of film that brings together a whole range of stars and plonks them together with a range of stories and tries to make them gel (eg Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve). I don’t think this one worked – it seemed as if they didn’t try hard enough, or maybe they tried too hard! But whatever it was, it’s not worth watching unless you’re actually pregnant.


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