MV5BMTc1NjQ1OTA1NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTk0NzcwOQ@@._V1_SX214_Toni Collette, Rebecca Gibney, Deborah Mailman, Anthony LaPaglia, Trevor Blundell

The Moochmore family consists of mother Shirley, father Barry, and five rather unconventional girls. Shirley has a breakdown and leaves town. Her philandering, small town, politician husband hardly even knows who his girls are, let alone being able to take care of them in their mother’s absence. So he finds Shaz, a drifter, to take things in hand. Shaz certainly shakes things up – all the girls think they are suffering from some sort of mental illness, but in the end Shaz makes them, and Shirley, believe in themselves.

However, Shaz is on her own quest involving her daughter and husband, a quest which calls in to question her own mental state.

I didn’t like this flick at all. It had serious Crocodile Dundee overtones throughout, and then I noticed it was written by Paul Hogan.

I do believe Toni Collette to be one of the best Australian actors ever. However, she did an appalling job at Shaz – overdoing the rough Aussie accent. Similarly I didn’t like Deborah Mailman’s portrayal of  Sandra, it was just too simple and crude.

There was some talk about the way mental illness was treated in this film, but the absurd acting had me flummoxed and left me with no room to think about other issues.


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