Think Like a Man

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The women don’t seem to be getting what they want from their men. And the men don’t seem to notice. So the women consult  the best selling book by Steve Harvey about relationships and how to negotiate them successfully. The women start getting the results they want until the men find out what they’re up to. They use the book to retaliate. Then nobody gets what they want and everyone’s relationships are in tatters. Perhaps they need to consult common sense to work out what makes each other happy.

I quite liked this film, even though there was a fair amount of gender stereotyping to get to grips with. One complaint I do have is that there were a lot of characters to try and follow, perhaps a couple too many. It got a bit boring in the middle of the film and I think I fell asleep for a brief time. But when I came to it was all wrapping up nicely and pushing a lot of emotional buttons. Everyone seemed to be EXTREMELY good looking and I dashed out to the gym today for a very long workout!


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