The Oranges

MV5BMTkzOTAzODM3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjMzOTUzOA@@._V1_SX214_Leighton Meester, Catherine Keener, Alia Shawkat, Carol Ostroff, Hugh Laurie, Adam Brody, Oliver Platt

Two best friends, David and Terry,  live across the road from each other with their families. Their children have grown up together and the two families are very close.

When Terry and Carol’s daughter, Nina, comes home for thanksgiving, she is attracted to David and they eventually start an affair.  This not only drives a wedge between David and Terry, but has a huge affect on everyone in both families. David’s wife leaves home, but their daughter Vanessa is trapped there, watching the drama unfold with her former classmate and her dad.

Everything between the two families comes to a head at Christmas when David’s wife Paige finds a way to deal with her anger and lets loose on the garden ornaments!  This film is as much about what would happen to the friendship between David and Terry as it is about the romance between David and Nina. The narrative gives equal measure to everyone in the family, what they are feeling, how they are dealing with the affair, and how they are dealing with their own happiness.

This is a terrific flick, with solid acting and a range of themes on the table. The viewer can make an emotional investment in all of the characters, and the script is careful to let everyone’s journey play out until the end. Very much worth a watch.


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