A Lot Like Love

MV5BMTQyMjU1MTYxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjI2MjgyMQ@@._V1_SX214_Amanda Peet, Ashton Kutcher

Oliver meets Emily en route to New York after she breaks up with her boyfriend and they have a fling. Three years later, back in LA, another break up, and her and Oliver get together again. Two years on, he has the breakup and goes running to Emily (…and so on!). Sometimes they are living in different cities, sometime when they try and get together, one of them is in a relationship. The timing is bad for Oliver and Emily, but they know that there is something there, something worth pursuing. Nine years on, Emily is engaged. Have they left it too late?

There’s something I don’t like about Amanda Peet, no hair style seems to suit her, and she is no match for Ashton Kutcher. She seems wrong for the part and I haven’t seen her in anything rom commy post this flick except for Something’s Gotta Give.

Apart from this issue with Peet, the flick is not much chop. Kutcher plays much better roles later on in his rom com career with Valentine’s Day, What Happens in Vegas, Killers and particularly No Strings Attached. This one would only be worth watching if you’re a huge Kutcher fan.



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