Coming and Going

home_mainimageRhys Darby, Sash Alexander, Fionnula Flanagan, Pam Cook

Lee is an LA OBGYN with an unsuccessful love life, and is desperately in search of a partner. A yoga accident puts him in a wheelchair for a couple of days. During this time he meets Alex. She thinks he’s permanently disabled and Lee doesn’t tell her the truth. He takes advantage of the wheelchair in order to date Alex – one lie leading into another. Alex’s sister, Sue, is one of his patients and threatens to blow the lid on the scam. But she has secrets of her own so Lee is safe in the short term. But as his aunt keeps telling him, it will all end badly!

Sue is played by Pam Cook and is a great choice for the supporting lead. She is funny and loveable and unstereotypical rom com material. Darby is hilarious, but of course, his character is just so wrong on so many levels!

I was really undecided on this film. I liked it for having unconventional actors. Rhys was undoubtedly funny, but something  didn’t gel for me with Lee and Alex as a couple. I think the movie gained momentum as it went, and I was pleased with the ending.  I think it’s definitely worth giving it a try, but I will reserve my opinion until I watch it again.



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