Warm Bodies

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It’s the apocalypse. Living on one side of a giant wall are non-humans – they are the zombies and the bonies who have been infected with a virus and have been separated from the humans.

Without being able to communicate effectively with each other, the zombies are leading a fairly banal existence, they are lost and lonely. That is, until Julie comes over from the other side of the wall.

‘R’ takes Julie hostage in order to save her from being eaten by another zombie. They develop feelings for each other and he eventually helps her to escape. When the other zombies see ‘R’ and Julie together it starts to change the way that they  function, gets them thinking, remembering about having feelings – they start to become more human.

When the humans and the non humans come together in a battle, it’s up to Julie to act fast and convince her father (head of the military) not to kill the zombies. She and ‘R’ may have to work together to save the world!

I found that those people who gave this film mediocre reviews were those that were not fans of rom coms. And this film is quintessentially a romantic comedy film (with some action and ghoulishness thrown in). It is about love and relationships. It’s also about humanity’s fear of difference and ‘otherness’. The breaking down of the wall is about accepting difference.

Teresa Palmer is terrific as Julie, and although I thought Nicholas Hoult an odd choice at first, he is magnificent. His internal narrative was comical and charming. Half way through the movie I realised he was the kid who played Marcus in About a Boy. Corrdry is unusually ‘right on the mark’ in this flick – instead of being too much, too stupid, too crude, and too sexist as in many of his rom com support roles in the past.

Great flick, very funny, good pace, superb acting. Going to put it in the Top Rom Com List and not much has made it there this year! Am I wrong? Stop me if I’m wrong…!


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