Romantics Anonymous

MV5BNjk2NDg5MDE4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjkwNjgwNw@@._V1_SY317_CR104,0,214,317_AL_Isabelle Carre, Benoit Poelvoorde

Ah French romantic comedies – must all their protagonists be so intense, haunted, gifted? And a little mad?!

…and here we have Angelique who is an extraordinary chocolate maker, but who is intensely shy. Her new boss is also incredibly shy, so it seems that the two of them could not possibly make a relationship work. Their only relationship must be making chocolate together, and saving Jean-Rene’s failing business. But if they love each other, then maybe they can overcome anything.

I know you’ve heard it before, but oh such a sweet sweet film this is! There is a mere hint of Woody Allen, a mere hint of other classic French rom coms involving chocolate (oh you know who you are), and a mere hint of something just lovely.

Although not overly novel or adventurous, this is simply a gorgeous (yet twee) film that needs to be watched on a winter’s night with big woolly socks and a hot cup of cocoa.



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