I don’t need action or drama in my life.  I need love and laughter

…therefore, I am going forth to review as many romantic comedy films as I can in this Century. I love a good rom com mainly because the films rarely over-excite you or cause you to feel tense, and rarely leave you feeling disturbed by what you’ve seen.

Rom coms came about around the time of When Harry Met Sally, but rom com features have been present in much older films. And the themes of rom coms have changed over time.

The features of the modern 21st Century rom com include:

  • a love interest
  • a story about securing that love interest
  • humour (usually involving gender stereotypes)
  • and a ‘feel good’ ending

The latest rom coms tend to include:

  • a bad boy
  • the uncovering of the good boy inside the bad, he was bad for a reason
  • women chosing between a bad boy or a good boy
  • women who are career-driven and are struggling to balance work and love
  • women who are career-driven and slightly neurotic
  • some-one getting married, and some-one not happy about it
  • some-one getting married, and something happening to upset the big day
  • transformation – either into a different person, or into a better person
  • …and more recently, having sex with a best friend or other as a non-relationship (which always turns into love)

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