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Having sex with your best friend instead of having a relationship rom coms (starting from the year 2000)

Friends with Kids

Jennifer Westfeldt, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Chris O’Dowd, Jon Hamm

MV5BMTcyMDI2NjU2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjA4MzQzNw@@._V1_SX214_Long term friends, Julie and Jason, decide to have a child together, without the relationship or marriage. This surprises their group of friends who are doubtful that such an arrangement could work. And it does seem to work for a while, until one of them falls in love with the other.

Here is another rom com that focuses on the thirty something woman who wants a family, but goes about getting it in an unconventional way – see The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, and The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. It’s becoming a regular rom com theme, and joins another popular theme – that of friends making arrangements to have sex without commitment.

However typical the issue, this isn’t a great movie. I like the fast dialogue, and I like the group of couples with all their specific issues. But, all in all, I don’t think there is enough humour. As in Extract, Kristen Wiig only has a small role and doesn’t have the opportunity to make the film funnier. I’m not sure why she keeps getting these tiny roles following Bridesmaids. She’s a great actor.

I’d watch this film again, but that’s because I’m a lover of rom coms. If you’re not a great fan of romantic comedies, I’d probably wait until this one is on TV before you make the commitment to watch it.


Friends with Benefits

Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake

Jamie is a hot, New York executive head hunter. She gets Dylan a job and he moves to town from LA. They are dynamite friends right from the start. As they are both tainted from broken relationships, they decide to have uncomplicated, unemotional sex but remain friends, thus covering all bases.

This is now a 21st Century rom com theme – friends having sex (see No Strings Attached). And as we pretty much know how it’s going to end, it’s important the journey is worth taking. This one is okay. I think I enjoyed it because the dialogue is very fast and you have to listen up and listen up good. There are great supporting roles from Woody Harrelson and Patricia Clarkson and lots of light humour. This film also has way less overt gender stereotypes than usual, which helps make it more enjoyable.

As Jamie says when watching a romantic comedy film “God I wish my life was a movie sometimes!” She loves her rom coms, and luckily for her she gets her romantic ending. There’s lots of steamy sex scenes so don’t watch it with your mother or your children!

No Strings Attached

MV5BMTg2MDQ1NTEzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTgxNTMyNA@@._V1._SY317_Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher

Portman plays Emma, a young doctor who is emotionally distant and fiercely independent.  She first meets Adam (Kutcher) at 14, and they meet up again from time to time over the years. Until one day, they meet up and have sex. In order to stay friends and not complicate the relationship while they have all this casual sex, they make a ‘no strings attached’ pact. Predictably, the pact can’t work because they develop deep feelings for each other – feelings that have probably been there all along.

The film plays a little bit with some stereotypical gender roles – reversing them to make Adam needy and wanting a real relationship; and Emma the one who is seriously avoiding a relationship situation.  “…I’ll just end up with a broken heart and a bunch of his old t-shirts”.

Portman manages to give this rom com an edge that others have been lacking lately. She is feisty and strong, but she’s not nutty – she’s not the typical rom com protagonist with the typical gags.

Great supporting roles are played by Kevin Kline, Lake Bell (What Happens in Vegas, and It’s Complicated), Olivia Thirlby (Juno and New York I love You) and Greta Gerwig.

I was disappointed when this film started to wind up as I did want to see more of Portman and Kutcher together. This rom com definitely had something a little more than what I’ve been watching lately. Both Portman and Kutcher were excellent, and there were some very funny parts without going overboard. Highly recommend it, and would watch it again.

Love and Other Drugs

Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake plays Jamie, who starts out the movie as our bad boy. He’s a charmer, and goes through women like they’re take-away dinners, always careful to avoid a meaningful relationship. At one point his brother says “You hate women. Why else would you screw so many of them”.

When Jake lands a new job as a drug rep for a major pharmaceutical company, he meets Maggie (Hathaway). Maggie is the bad girl to his bad boy, wanting uncomplicated sex and avoiding anything coming close to a relationship. They are holding on to a lot of hurt, and dealing with their own personal baggage to do with identity and self worth. They both learn to love more deeply than they have ever before.

The film is a little raunchy so I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your mum. Most of the sex scenes are quite tastefully and realistically shot, but there is one very tacky scene involving a whole host of extremely beautiful, semi-naked women at a pajama party/orgy. It was at this point that I exclaimed “oh come on, as if!” – male fantasy in full flight…

Apart from this, the film has some very moving scenes involving Maggie’s struggle and acceptance of early-onset Parkinson’s Disease. Right when she finds peace with the disease, Jake struggles with his role in her life.

This is quite a good film which offers up a few typical stereotypes of men and women, but also some role reversals (albeit obvious ones). It has a fairly good story line, deals with some important issues, uses solid actors, and sports a moving ending.