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The Wedding Date

Debra Messing, Amy Adams, Dermot Mulroney

Kat (Messing) hires a male escort to accompany her to her sister’s wedding in the UK. She wants to look good in front of her family, and her ex-fiance who is the best man. Of course, you guessed it, they end up falling for each other in a very ‘Pretty Woman-esque’ fashion. In the first five minutes you could tell that this film was going to be totally predictable.

The bride-to-be (Adams) has an affair and things start to get messy. Here we have the ‘pre-wedding problems’ theme which is very common in the 21st Century rom com. There is betrayal, and confusion and broken hearts – but it’s all over the place and the film never really gets it together.  Smoochy ending as predicted but quite disappointing.


Hollywood Ending

Woody Allen, Tea Leoni, George Hamilton, Debra Messing

A New York film about making a New York film – very Woody Allen.  Allen plays Val, a has-been film director hired by his ex-wife and her fiance to do a film on New York.  He’s renowned for being difficult so everyone involved in the project is tense that he’ll lose the film company a lot of money.

Before he can start filming – BOOM – something does go wrong. I won’t tell you what, but bloody hell, it’s funny!

Nowadays, Woody’s films can be hit or miss. These days I can’t wait for him to script himself a leading lady who is closer to his own age. He did well putting Tea Leoni in this film, giving Scarlett Johansson a rest. Debra Messing as Val’s girlfriend is fantastic.

Woody Allen films are, of course, not your typical romantic comedies. But this one contains all the elements of an above average rom com. Still makes me laugh when I think of some of the scenes. This film is a ‘must see’.

Along Came Polly

Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Debra Messing

Jen plays her usual goofball, yet lovable, character in this film as Polly Prince. She doesn’t come into the film straight away, as we are busy watching Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) and Lisa Cramer (Debra Messing) on their honeymoon. You’ll see how that ends up!

Reuben eventually meets up with Polly who is an old school friend – ‘boy meets girl’. Their romance is unlikely because they are not suited – he is obsessive and straight-laced, she is a free spirit and adventurous. As the pair try to have a relationship, Reuben works on becomming less uptight.

There are some ‘cringy’ bits in the movie involving bowel movements (yes, two separate bits involving bowel movements), but there are also some funny bits. Reuben’s best friend Sandy is disgusting, but supplies a lot of the funny bits. Alec Baldwin has a small part as does Bryan Brown and Hank Azaria. Some other cringy bits for us Ozzies is the Australian accents – totally overdone – do we sound like that?  We definitely don’t!

There’s a few gender role reversals in this film that I quite like, which does make you like both main characters. Unfortunately there’s not too much to this film. But that’s okay for a light movie involving Jen and Ben.

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