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Sex Tape

MV5BNDYzMzg5OTA0Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjQzNzExMjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal

Annie and Jay marry young and have a family. A decade or so on, they still love each other, but they have lost some of their sexual spontaneity and passion.

So they decide to make a film of themselves working their way through The Joy of Sex in an attempt to spice up their love life. Afterwards, Annie insists that Jay delete the film. But he accidentally uploads it to ‘the cloud’ which is then synced to a pile of iPads that he’s given away. So now they have to hunt down all the gifted iPads in order to delete the video on each one, which turns into an all-night escapade.

I do love both Diaz and Segal as rom com actors. And we’ve seen them together in Bad Teacher. But this flick is a bit ‘hit and miss’. There were some funny moments, but everything else was a tad ordinary. Are rom com directors running out of ideas?

This movie is one in a group of new rom coms that portray the more mature, established relationship. Rather than the couple who have pre-marriage jitters, or the fiance who cheats, or the disgruntled husband, this approach is looking at the couple who are not only really in love, but who are totally into each other for the long haul and like each other immensely. And when the couple really like each other, the viewer really likes them. Like in this film with Annie and Jay.

This theme has also made its way onto TV screens with rom com shows like Up All Night, Friends with Better Lives, Gavin and Stacey, and I suppose Modern Family.

This film wasn’t a total waste of time, I did enjoy most of it, but it’s definitely not a keeper.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segal, Kristen Bell, Jonah Hill, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand

Peter (Segal) is heartbroken over being dumped by his TV star girlfriend, Sarah (Bell). He is openly vulnerable and hurt and becomes self-destructive. They end up at the same hotel in Hawaii for separate holidays – she with new rocker boyfriend (Brand) and he alone to cry in his bedroom. It’s extremely hard for him to forget Sarah Marshall when she’s right there under his nose with a major rock star.

He goes on a journey of heart-break recovery and eventually moves on from Sarah, finding inspiration in his music (he’s writing a Dracula musical). But it’s not that easy, and when Sarah wants him back, he messes things up with his potential new girlfriend, Rachel.

Both Brand and Hill are characteristically brilliant. Everything fits together perfectly and all the ‘bit’ parts make this a great movie. The Dracula musical is quirky as hell and is a great way to end the flick. Watch it more than once and you will laugh at bits you didn’t notice the time before.


Knocked up

Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, Leslie Man, Kristen Wiig, Jason Segal, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Martin Starr

Alison and Ben (Heigl and Rogan) are complete opposites. He needs to straighten up, and she needs to lighten up. When they hook up on a drunken one night stand, he gets her pregnant. Now they have to form some kind of relationship, starting with getting to know each other, and trying to like each other.

Alison lives with her sister Debbie (Leslie Mann) and her husband Peter (played by Paul Rudd). Their relationship has a few problems of its own, which has an influence on how Alison and Ben think about their future. Will they even have a future together considering they are so ill suited?

This is a very funny movie, with much of the humour supplied by Jason Segal, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, and Martin Starr – Ben’s friends and housemates. This was the first rom com where I saw Heigl and I loved her straight away. This is a fast and funny film, with great acting, and lots of hilarious ‘bit’ parts (Wiig playing one in particular). Classic rom com, one of my favourites.

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