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We’re the Millers

MV5BMjA5Njc0NDUxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjYzNzU1OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter, Ed Helms, Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn

David is a long time pot dealer – no wife, no kids, no responsibilities, nothing. Rose is an exotic dancer, not keeping up with trends in the trade. They come together when David has to create a fake family to help him smuggle drugs from Mexico into the US. It’s not something either of them wants to do, but neither has much choice.

They recruit teenage Kenny who lives in their building, and Casey who is living rough to complete their family. They become The Millers and go on a hair raising journey involving Mexican drug lords, double-crossers, and an out of work narcotics cop and his family. Four individuals eventually become a unit to fight for their lives, but ultimately it is also to make their lives less empty.

This is one of those ‘adventure rom coms’ on the shelves like Hit and Run and One for the Money. They predominantly revolve around something illegal, and involve romance between the two major protagonists – sometimes the romance is seen as a side issue, but ultimately it’s the main driver.

We’re the Millers is a riot. There is obviously some image problems with Jen and her stripping, but aside from that, the dialogue is fast and entertaining. The casting is superb and everyone is extremely well suited to their characters. I particularly love Kathryn Hahn as Edie – she’s definitely the most comedic in this film (see her in Our Idiot Brother, Wanderlust, How do you Know, and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton).

There is one especially funny scene involving a game of Pictionary that had us really laughing. More funny scenes follow, getting you to the end of the flick without any boring moments.

I really enjoyed this film and would watch it again no trouble at all. It’s not overly clever, but it’s definitely funny, and I think it’s one of the best rom coms in 2013.



Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Malin Akerman, Justin Theroux, Alan Alda

Manhattan couple, Linda and George, are suddenly down on their luck after buying their first apartment. They have to sell up and leave the Big Apple, moving to George’s hideous brother’s place in Atlanta. Along the way they accidentally come across Elysium – a commune, no, intentional community. This seems to be a much better option than being unemployed in New York, or George working for his brother. So they decide to stay.

George embraces the hippy lifestyle first. But after a while, Linda wants to stay and George starts to become skeptical. Their marriage threatens to fall apart as they try to discover what it is in life that makes them happy.

Paul Rudd is one of my favourite actors. He’s always the good guy in rom coms and he’s usually pretty funny. He didn’t disappoint me in this flick and I really like him coupled with Jen. There were some over the top stereotypes (as usual) with the intentional community, but none that make you cringe.

This movie is light and funny, has good romantic content, some important messages about money and what can make you happy, and can easily be watched again. I very much enjoyed it and had a good laugh.

Just Go with it

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman

Danny (Sandler) is a plastic surgeon and the film’s bad boy. He fakes being married so he can pick up chicks for one night stands, and save himself from ever getting his heart broken. But as we’ve seen before in this classic rom com theme, the bad boy is really a very nice guy underneath the lying exterior.

Danny hooks up with Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). He really connects with this one, so decides to give up the fake marriage gig. But how to explain the fake wedding ring? He tries to get himself out of a tricky situation but ends up digging himself into a bigger hole – he creates a fake family with his lovely assistant/receptionist, Katherine. The role of Katherine is expertly played by Jennifer Aniston who does a sterling job at being a divorced single mum. When Nicole Kidman makes a timely entrance into the movie, Danny and Katherine proceed to dig themselves further into the hole.

There’s a very good supporting role played by Nick Swardson who is Danny’s best friend, Eddie. Watch out for the scene with the sheep which is the funniest bit in the movie.

There is a lot of quick dialogue in this flick, so listen carefully – no eating crisps or you’ll miss something. I was pleasantly surprised with how well Aniston and Sandler worked together. I like 21st Century Sandler roles better than his older roles – he’s less of a buffoon and more of an intelligent, funny, likeable person. This is a great rom com and I highly recommend it.


Jennifer Aniston, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn

Sue (Aniston) meets Mike (Zahn) on a business trip while she is staying at his parents’ hotel where he is the night manager.  He pursues her in the most awkward fashion – in fact sometimes the scenes are more cringy than funny.  Mike follows Sue around in the hope she’ll fall in love with him, despite the fact that she is engaged to the oh so cool Jango (Harrelson).

This film reminded me a bit of The Good Girl where Aniston plays a check-out chick in a small town. She does a good job in this flick, but there is a particularly ugly sweater that should never have made it to the big screen! It’s not a great film, not too bad, but probably wouldn’t overly recommend it.

The Break-up

Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn

Jen plays Brooke who is in a long-term relationship with Gary (Vince). When they break up, neither of them want to move out of their apartment. So they continue living together and each try dirty tricks to force the other out. They are awful to each other. It doesn’t end how you think it’s going to, so it isn’t totally predictable.

Because I love Jen, I don’t mind this flick. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. I can watch it more than once. Go for it!

Along Came Polly

Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, Debra Messing

Jen plays her usual goofball, yet lovable, character in this film as Polly Prince. She doesn’t come into the film straight away, as we are busy watching Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) and Lisa Cramer (Debra Messing) on their honeymoon. You’ll see how that ends up!

Reuben eventually meets up with Polly who is an old school friend – ‘boy meets girl’. Their romance is unlikely because they are not suited – he is obsessive and straight-laced, she is a free spirit and adventurous. As the pair try to have a relationship, Reuben works on becomming less uptight.

There are some ‘cringy’ bits in the movie involving bowel movements (yes, two separate bits involving bowel movements), but there are also some funny bits. Reuben’s best friend Sandy is disgusting, but supplies a lot of the funny bits. Alec Baldwin has a small part as does Bryan Brown and Hank Azaria. Some other cringy bits for us Ozzies is the Australian accents – totally overdone – do we sound like that?  We definitely don’t!

There’s a few gender role reversals in this film that I quite like, which does make you like both main characters. Unfortunately there’s not too much to this film. But that’s okay for a light movie involving Jen and Ben.

The Switch

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman

Jason, much like Jen, is one of my favourite actors.  I loved him in Hancock. He has matured so much since his eighties roles and developed a quirky, loveable, funny persona.

And this is exactly his character in The Switch, with a bit of neurosis thrown in. He plays Wally and is best friends with Kassie, played by Jen.  Kassie wants to have a baby and goes looking for a donor. As the name suggests, Wally switches the donor’s sperm with his own at the crucial time and nobody knows.

You’re not sure what will happen with the ‘boy meets girl’ scenario as there is a child and a sperm donor involved. So it’s kind of nice that this film is not as predictable as most romantic comedies.  But then again, it does end with a smooch, and the ol’ happy families.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t convinced that I could watch this movie again. But on second viewing, I did like it much better than the first time.  Worth keeping in the  back catalogue for a rainy day.

He’s just not that into you

Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long

All the relationships between all the people in this movie more or less revolve around Gigi, played by Ginnifer Goodwin. She is gorgeous, but somewhat desperate, and sick to death of dating dipshits. She gets dating help from Alex who understands why men do what they do, and is willing to share that information with her so she can find love.

Drew Barrymore plays the adorable and vulnerable, Mary who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Jen Aniston has actually been cast in a refreshingly different role for her, playing the stylish and mature, Beth, who already has love. Scarlett Johannson plays the beautiful and etherial Anna, who is deluded about love and attracts the wrong men.

This film is about dating, loving, insecurity and expectations. All the stories fit together perfectly and culminate in Gigi finding true love. Not everyone ends up happy though, but it all gets wrapped up in the end.

The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler

Butler plays an ex-cop-turned bounty hunter who is assigned to bring in his ex-wife who has skipped bail on an incidental charge.

Aniston, a journalist who is working on a story, is hot on a case involving drugs, murder, and dirty cops. They both get embroiled in the case, hating each other at first, but eventually having to work together.

I hated this movie the first time around. I was unduly influenced by my neighbour and friend, Cassi, who saw it first and didn’t like it. (She is not an Aniston fan, whereas I am.) I was ready for a cracker and this film is certainly no cracker.  But it is a bit better the second time around.

Of course it’s the usual ‘boy gets the girl’ type movie and ends happily with a big smooch. But there are a few adventures along the way to keep the viewer fairly well entertained.

Jen’s tan is far too much, and I really don’t like the tight black number she is wearing for a lot of the film. But aside from Jen criticisms, the film is light, has some action, some laughs, and some romance.

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