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Life After Beth

MV5BMjA3OTUwOTMxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODg4NTkwMjE@._V1_SX214_AL_Aubrey Plaza, Dan DeHann, John C Reilly, Molly Shannon, Cheryl Hines, Anna Kendrick

Zac’s girlfriend, Beth, dies from snake bite when she’s out hiking. He grieves for her deeply, until one day – Beth’s back! He can love her again. That is, until he discovers she’s become a zombie!

This is a terrific film. I don’t think it’s quite as good as Zombieland or Warm Bodies, but it does come pretty close. And like its zom com predecessors, the theme is about love and relationships rather than horror or ‘end of the world’ anxieties. It has a beautiful, delicate humour.

This film is funny, well-scripted, and the casting and acting is excellent. Aubrey Plaza is sensational as Beth and I believe that this must be her best role yet. This is definitely a film that is worth a watch.




Marisa Tomei, John C Reilly, Jonah Hill, Catherine Keener

John (Reilly) seems to be stuck in a rut, even seven years after his divorce to Jamie (Keener, she’s from the 40 Year-Old Virgin). Jamie convinces John to come with her and her fiance to a party in an attempt to help him out of the rut. There he meets Molly (Tomei). They seem an unlikely couple even then. Poor John – there are so many embarrassing moments for him.

Molly and John immediately embark on a relationship, and John meets Cyrus, Molly’s son. Cyrus (Hill) and Molly have a disturbingly bizarre and overly-dependent relationship. I tell you, I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with my 21 year old son in the bathroom with me when I’m having a shower!

The romance between Molly and John drives the film, but there is also a focus on the relationship between Cyrus and his mum, and Cyrus and John. John and Cyrus battle over Molly during which Cyrus exhibits some extremely selfish and manipulating behaviour.

The only thing I really liked about this movie was the documentary-style camera work. The comedy is subtle, but it is also a little too much on the disturbing side. I tried to like this film, but it really didn’t gel for me. Reilly and Tomei don’t work, and Hall is creepy. Ewww.