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The Rebound

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Justin Bartha

After catching her husband cheating on her, Sandy and her two kids move to New York city, where she gets a great job and starts a new life as a single mum. She rents an apartment above a coffee shop where she meets one of the workers, Aram. Aram is having a break from the serious things in his life (work, love etc) so agrees to be nanny to Sandy’s kids. They become friends, then lovers, and then they enter into a serious relationship. So what’s the problem? He is 15 years young than her. Can they make it work?

This isn’t a great film, but it’s not a total wipe-out either. There’s not a lot to say – the storyline moves along fairly well, there’s romance, a bit of fun, and you wait to see whether they stay together or not. Unfortunately, Zeta-Jones doesn’t give the script any extra pizzaz and doesn’t stand out as a rom com lead. It’s really only one for the TV.


Every Jack has a Jill

Melanie Laurent, Justin Bartha

When Jack is dumped by his girlfriend, he uncharacteristically decides to go to Paris on a holiday he won. He loses his suitcase and spends most of the trip alone in his hotel room.  Chloe is a lonely Parisian who spends most of her time in her flat watching DVDs. She accidentally ends up with Jack’s suitcase when she returns from a business trip.The suitcase and its contents intrigue her and she decides she is in love with the owner, making a date to meet him. They seem perfect for each other. But will Jack really turn out to be the man of her dreams?

This is another light, French romantic comedy with all the necessary rom com features. It is called Jusqu’a Toi (Until You) and I’m not sure why they changed the title or why no-one told them that “Every Jack has a Jill” is a bit clunky. Some of the supporting characters are under-explored, and therefore, they don’t fit into the film smoothly enough. If it wasn’t for Laurent, there wouldn’t be much to this flick – she is effortlessly gorgeous and sufficiently disturbed to make you love her. But there was nearly not enough for her to work with. It just scrapes over the line.

Failure to Launch

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaughey, Zooey Deschanel, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha, Kathy Bates

Tripp (McConaughey) is the classic romantic comedy bad boy in this flick – attracted to very short term relationships, playing it cool, hanging with his mates, avoiding emotion, and still living with his mum and dad at the ripe old age of 35!

As Tripp’s parents want their nest emptied, they hire Paula (SJP), a professional interventionist. Her plan is to sweep Tripp off his feet, make him fall in love with her, which will then make him feel more independent and therefore move out of home. The plan goes along nicely for a while, until cupid rears his ugly head. As we often find out in the classic rom com, apparently the bad boy does have feelings!

When we were watching this film we realised we had seen it before, some years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think a second viewing enabled it to get into the Better the Second Time Around category. Not a bad job done by both SJP and McConaughey. But great effort by Deschanel who plays the obligatory dark-haired best friend/room-mate to Paula. Stock-standed rom com, pretty enjoyable, and I’m sure you’ll catch it on TV from time to time.