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She’s out of my League

Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve

Jay is the skinny dude from Knocked Up.  Still skinny, he is the protagonist in this film and does a fantastic job as the loveable, sweet, funny, and vulnerable Kirk. He falls in love with a beautiful woman, Molly (played by Eve) who he and his friends know is way better looking and far more successful than him. In short, way out of his league.

Jay’s three best friends add the funny magic to this film. The best support role, however, must go to my favourite support actor, Krysten Ritter. Ritter plays the brunette to Eve the blond bombshell. Of course I like Ritter (Patty) much better than Eve (Molly) because I usually prefer the dark-haired best friend in romantic comedies. And particularly because it’s Ritter, who I love in Confessions of a Shopaholic – she has great style. She tells a guy to go shit in his hand! I’m dying for the day she leads up a rom com.

Kirk is treated like dirt by his ex-girlfriend who only wants him back when she claps her eyes on the gorgeous Molly. He struggles with his on-off-ex, only to find that Molly has an ex too – but her ex is a big hunky pilot. Would some-one of Molly’s calibre love some-one like Kirk, or would she go out with him because he’s safe?  “It feels like the universe is out of tilt.”

There is a terribly funny scene with Kirk and his friend Devon when they shave his balls. I love his friends. One is good looking, one is nice, and one is a lovable dickhead. It’s so great to have a posse. And they really care about him. Aw, nice.

Kirk and his friends have a rating system for themselves based on looks. They come to realise that you have to rate yourself much higher for yourself, not compared to anyone else.

Anyway, to sum up, there’s a great airport scene at the end, lots of smooches, and people who do the right thing.

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