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Any Questions for Ben?

Josh Lawson, Tom Gleisner, Rachael Taylor

The story is set around Ben, a high-flying, young marketing executive. Even though his parents can’t understand what he does for a living (he’s a brand manager), he does do it well – earning big bucks, going to fancy parties, dating international tennis stars and models, and keeping his life simple and fun. When Ben meets an old school friend, he’s taken not only by her beauty, but by the meaningful way she’s living her life. He begins to question his own shallowness. But will he make the changes he needs to make in order to date Alex?

This is an Australian rom com and I’m pleased to report, without the overt stereotypes that I hated in A Few Best Men. I like the fast, sharp editing at the beginning of the film – I thought this was going to be a ‘cut above’ movie. But it isn’t really. The dialogue is lively, but without much comic relief.

I did kind of like this movie, particularly because it was filmed in Melbourne. The message here is that little boys have to grow up sometime if they want what the big boys have. It isn’t overly clever, but watchable nonetheless.